TFB Wiper Die Specifications
TFB Reverse Interlock Specifications

TFB Standard Square-Back Wiper Dies

Die finishing process

Our new wiper die finishing process provides extraordinary polished tube grooves and C.L.R. machined surface.

Moderate thumbnail pressure

“Rule of Thumb” – With moderate thumbnail pressure, the leading edge of the wiper should be evenly deflected all the way round. One of many ways to separate the “men from the boys”.

Large bronze wiper dies

Large bronze wiper dies. Note reversible (double-cut) wipers.

John Grizzle

After 20 years, our John Grizzle won’t ship a tool that isn’t typical TFB quality.

TFB quality assurance program

TFB quality assurance program was inspected and is certified by the largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft.

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