The proper style of bend dies to be used will be indicated by such factors as tube O.D. x C.L.R., bender size, degree of bend, etc. Hardened dies are 60-62 Rockwell C with a penetration of .035 – .040 deep. Bending applications requiring precision tools have ground tube grooves, counter bores, and all other crucial dimensions. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or make a costly tooling mistake. Describe your bending application and allow our expertise to provide the bend die and family of tools.


  • Tube O.D. and Wall
  • Center Line Radius
  • Make and Size of Bender
  • Degree of Bend
  • Rotation of Bender
  • Interlock Dimension
  • Desired Production
Tube Bending Tool Specifications
Tube Bending Tool

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