What is Deburring. And why is it important for bending tools?

Deburring usually is the first step in tube preparation after the tube is cut. Deburring a tube includes squaring the end of the tube concentric to the inner and outer edges of the tube. The chamfer should not exceed half the wall thickness of the tube while deburring. Deburring is an essential step in any tube fabrication. The two common burrs for tube are heat formed burr, and cold formed burr. The hot formed burr is the most difficult to deburr. This burr is associated with abrasive saws. There is usually more material mass to this type of burr, which will deplete any deburring method. The worst part of the hot formed burr is the heat. Usually heated then cooled material is harder to deburr. The cold formed burr is probably the most economical for tube manufacture. Deburring this type of burr is much easier. Tools For Bending offers many tools for deburring round tubing and pipe. Deburring and Squaring blades for any tube deburring equipment in the industry, to our own TFV-50 End Finisher, we want to help you.

Deburring with tools bending

  • Quality squaring and deburring blades to produce sparkling, beautiful smooth surfaces.
  • Sub-micron carbide deburring tool blades that are stronger with our own coating.
  • TFV-50 deburring tool equipment with built-in safety features.
  • Easy to adjust deburring tool blades for accuracy and convenience.
  • Trained, experienced deburring tool experts in the field.

We offer four different types of deburring and squaring blades ranging from Tool Steel to Coated ++Carbide. These blades are always in stock with an unbeaten price. The TFV-50 is a safe, simple, and rigid tube end finisher. This machine is capable of Deburring, Flaring (2.0” O.D. and smaller), and Beading (1.5” O.D. and smaller). Tools For Bending can supply any deburring tooling used in end finishers for the deburring, flaring, and beading of tubing and pipe.

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