• Tube O.D. and Wall
  • Center Line Radius
  • Maximum Degree of Bend
  • Tube Material
  • Make and Size of Bender
  • Type of Die
  • Special Requirements

NOTE: The most popular type of ram and wing dies are the R-1 and W-1. The adjustable tube groove ram die (R-2) is fabricated from two plates. The plates are aligned on dowel pins and secured by cap screws. This die will accommodate large variations in tube O.D. and can be adjusted for wear. The washout ram die (RW-4) helps eliminate inside humps but is used only for a specific degree of bend. All ram and wing dies are hardened tool steel 60-62 Rockwell C. Chromed tube grooves available on request. Adapters supplied when required.

Ram and Wing Dies
Ram and Wing Dies
Ram and Wing Dies Blueprint

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