One of the most crucial aspects of any tube bending job is choosing the proper bending tool. Tools For Bending, in its FREE Tube and Pipe Bending Manual, offers information and advice on the most common types of bending tools.

There are several methods of bending, including compression bending, press bending, crush bending, and rotary draw bending. Each of these methods of bending requires a different tube bending tool.

Tools For Bending’s quality design of the tube bending tools will ensure the bending job is accomplished without wrinkles, scratches or slippage. Proper set-up and use of the bending tool will insure maximum tube ovality and cosmetics, while maximizing tool life.

Krolon Coating

Tools For Bending can extend the life of your tube bending tool through its proprietary surface treatment, Krolon. Krolon also prevents tube scratches. Bending tools (mandrels and wiper dies) treated with Krolon outlast bending tools with hard chrome. Krolon can be re-applied as long as the base material is not worn down.

Tools for Bending assists you:

  • Quality design tube bending tools for every type of bending (compression, press, crush, and rotary).
  • Krolon surface treatment extends life of your tools and prevents scratches.
  • Empty Bend tools are easy to set up and do not require mandrel or wiper dies.

Tools for Bending has also patented its Empty Bend Tools. This type of bending tools provides just in time manufacturing for rotary tube bending machines. These tube bending tools are easier to set-up and require no mandrel or wiper die. Lubrication is eliminated, so cleaning becomes much simpler. Clamp pressure can be reduced with these tube bending tools. A typical application for Empty Bending would be a one or two ball mandrel with a wiper die.

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