The overall productivity of a pipe bending facility depends not only on the selection of the most effective method, but also on the proper pipe bending tooling and proven set-up techniques. Our methodology for pipe bending is simple. It is based on several in-house tested principles described in our Tube and Pipe Bending Manual.

Tools for Bending is interested not only in selling its bending tools to customers, but also in making sure that its customers are as educated as possible about bending and the best use of pipe bending tools. To accomplish this, Tools For Bending has created a Tube and Pipe Bending Manual which is full of information, tips and advice on how to most efficiently and productively use bending tools.

Why you need the tfb pipe bending manual:

  • Learn how to efficiently use our Pipe and Tube Bending Tools.
  • Read up-to-date detailed information on the latest bending techniques.
  • Find out the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of pipe bending.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in bending.

The pipe bending manual contains a section on types of mandrels, one of the most important bending tools. It describes how the mandrel works during the bending moment. The bending manual also explains the application of Tools For Bending’s Patented Empty Bending Tooling. A detailed tooling selection guide is included showing the basics of mandrel and wiper die requirements given, Outside Diameter (O.D.) x Wall, and “D” of bend.

The Tube and Pipe Bending Manual is a must read for any company in the bending industry. With invaluable and detailed information, the manual will greatly increase any customer’s productivity and success with bending tools. To receive a FREE copy of this manual, click here.

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