Tools For Bending is internationally recognized for the quick design and in-house manufacturing of high degree of difficulty bend tools. These “hero” bend tools are how we developed our own expertise in bending principals (forces during bending) at the Tools For Bending headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Visitors can also watch the use and manufacture of our bend tools. We believe that our customers could not produce their own tools any cheaper and faster or with the same quality and value.

At their most basic, bend tools should satisfy two main criteria:

  • The bend tools should be able to withstand bend forces.
  • The shape of the bend tools should be designed so that there is no interference between the bend tool and the part.

If you are looking for the latest innovations in bend tools, request a copy of our FREE Tube and Pipe Bending manual. It answers the most common questions about bend tools and how to ensure you are getting the highest quality bend tools. The manual also offers tips and techniques to ensure that you are using your bend tools properly. Knowing as much as you can about your bend tool will ensure a longer life for those tools.

Why use bend tools from TFB?

  • Internationally recognized for our quick design and in-house production.
  • Since 1965, our years of experience in bend tools has redefined “high degree of difficulty bend tools”.
  • Competitive prices, excellent value.
  • Top quality materials and speed on delivery.

At Tools For Bending, all employees involved in the manufacture of bend tools are bending specialists, from the engineers and sales force to accounting and management. Having expertise at every step ensures that the bend tools from Tools For Bending are the best possible bend tools. Why go anywhere else for bend tools besides Tools For Bending, Inc.

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